We are happy to have adoptable cats and kittens at Honky Cat Hotel and Cat Café for you to play with and for them to socialize with you. And, if you’d like, you can enjoy a hot or cold beverage and treat while you play. What a great way to spend some time relaxing!! After all, studies have shown that petting an animal can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

And the Cat Café not only helps humans, but also helps cats in the following ways:

  • When cats get used to interacting with people in a playful and relaxed area, they are less likely to hide when visitors come over once they are adopted
  • Honky Cat Hotel and Cat Café houses the cats until they find a loving home. In doing this, the shelters will be able to take more cats off the streets. In turn, rescues will be able to help them by fostering and saving the lives of millions of cats.

This partnership between Honky Cat Hotel and Cat Café and A Pawsitive Approach will help each cat gain more exposure to help them find their forever home.

We hope there is a cat at Honky Cat Hotel and Cat Café that you are interested in adopting. If that is the case, we will handle the adoption process directly. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.